About Bodhi Tree Vegan Cafe

Hidden gem of Huntington Beach, the Bodhi Tree Vegan Cafe with our Vietnamese cuisine vegan dishes is only a few steps away from the sand and the sea. Our produce are fresh from our local providers and especially cruelty free. We promise on delivering our food fresh, free of MSG and no cholesterol. All food are meatless and 100% free from animal products. 

With over 15 years in Vegan industry, we are proud to present our culture through our delish dishes that are not only vegan but also non-vegan friendly. 

High quality and delicious vegan dishes, cater to all needs and wants

Love from Our Vegan Lovers

T. H. - Yelp.com


"One of my favorite local hidden gems with homemade vegan & raw everything!!  I can go to the beach & stop by for fresh tasty pho, delicious fish tacos, fresh juice, sweet potato fries + hummus. 

Everything is amazing!  Don't miss the popcorn chicken (just like boba places), jackfruit salad, hot & sour soup, fried rice, raw sushi roll, crispy chow mein, fresh mochi sweets (taro, green tea, sesame, coconut & peanut OH MY!!)"

Thanh M. - Yelp.com


"My favorite Vietnamese place- their broth is vegan but still reminds me of my grandmothers' chicken pho broth. They have other great options like chicken katsu, clay pot fish, and other viet dishes that are hard for o find vegan/vegetarian. 

They also have really amazing vegan desserts and our family gets their thanksgiving meal every year. Their turkey tastes better than a lot of the "soyurkey" alternatives. It's owned by a super sweet family too!"

Paula J. - Yelp.com


"Sizzling Pepper Steak is our go-to for dinner, and has amazing flavor! Just the right amount of tasty veggies and 'steak'. 
Habit forming!
Add the Thai Coconut Soap or the Hit and Sour Soup, our favs,and you'll be waddling out!
With cold season coming, I got Bodhi on speed-dial!! Their Hot soup does wonders."

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